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Welcome to Mission To Manage Money! 
Where the mission is to educate children, parents and carers all over the world. 

The primary goal is to help children build their knowledge of money and finances regardless of their age.

At the same time, making it easier for parents and carers to teach their children these essential skills. 
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The founder of Mission To Manage Money, and the creator of the money management book series - Carla Da Silva Mahfouz ACCA, is on a mission to help as many people as possible.

These books have been designed for:

  • Children, who will improve their financial skills and knowledge.

  • Adults, who may struggle with this subject and require guidance and direction on how to help their young ones learn and practice money management.

It is very common for a child to grow up without a money management education. This leaves them vulnerable to experiencing financial difficulties in their adulthood. It has been proven that children who have been taught these skills at an early age are set up to succeed more.

A person's money beliefs are formed in the first 5 years of their life. These books can help form the best beliefs to begin life with, or they can help to change any beliefs that need changing or updating, as we can change our beliefs at any time. 

Let's get the next generation educated and prepared, so they can create their own financial freedom, and avoid debt and financial worries.



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